About Us


It is a non-profit design association that is committed to the purpose of informing, educating, and inspiring a community of creative thinkers to come together, celebrate creative communication and enhance the standards of excellence of the design industry worldwide. We are an Indian educational charity that exists with the very purpose of promoting, stimulating, and enabling creative design excellence.

The Indian Design Society stands to propagate the brilliant prospects of the rapidly advancing design industry amidst young creative enthusiasts. We focus a lot on nurturing new talent through a quality exchange of knowledge and industry experience. The Indian Design Society is a professional design community that stands to promote the demonstrable value of design in terms of real business value through public and private awareness programs, educational workshops, explicit exhibitions, scintillating Seminars, and pioneering promotions.

Our Vision

The Indian Design Society works with the view of playing a pioneering and groundbreaking role in the continual and phenomenal development of the design community in India. It strives to stand as a powerful representation of a design community worldwide and contribute substantially towards the improvement of commercial creative excellence throughout the world. It stands to create enterprise-grade, celebrated, and tailored campaigns and training programs that successfully fill the skill gap between the design industry and the rest of the world. It also stands to build an environment-friendly design community that makes significant contributions towards the preservation of the environment.