Creative Welfare

To Support Every Artisan

“Creative Welfare” aims to help artisans during such an unsettling pandemic, but with a creative twist! Your donation will be awarded innovative products like customized illustrations or original handmade lacquer toys! The collected fund from this campaign would go towards the betterment of the artisan community and help make their lives easier.

Funds Collected

1500 Artisans still needs your support 

Target Rs 30000

Mission: Help our Craft Community

Creative Welfare also focuses on spreading the importance and need to acknowledge the artisans and their traditional art forms. Donations and their rewards have been categorised into three ranges.

Indian design society

Help the Lacquer Toys Artisans In three ways

Range 01

Re 1 To Rs 1000

Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.

Range 02

Rs 1001 To Rs 5000

Congratulations! You’ve just earned yourself a customised digital illustration from one of our talented illustrators and a Handmade product from @gifting happiness.

Range 03

Above Rs 5000

You have made a big impact on lives of the artisans. So we would like you to have an original hand crafted lacquer toy from the realm of these artisans!

Joining our campaign is the most important way to give


One of the great ways of collecting donations is crowd funding, and InDe wishes to collaborate with Milaap for the same. Being a non profit organisation itself, InDe has promoted and preached Indian Design through various platforms and made people aware of Indian heritage in the field of Design.